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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Holi & St.Patrick's Day Nail art

Hello All Lovely Friends out There.
On 17th March two festivals HOLI and St.Patrick's Day are falling !! How amazing is that  ! So many people will be enjoying all the festivities in different ways ........ OH! Well that reminds me that I have a lot of cooking left :P.
Since I am from India so I am celebrating HOLI and that means lot of heavy food, sweets and colors. And Colorful Nails :)  But I did not want to leave the opportunity to paint my nails in lovely greens and rainbows so I have done both mani's which I am sharing below !!

Ok so first is St.Patrick's Day Nailart. Since this is also theme of FingerFoodBuffet this week. So let me share this first. I did french tip with rainbow and added a pot of gold as accent nail. This base and Gold glitter top is from my latest nail-mail and it's awesome. I did it freehand using acrylic colors. On thumb I did Leprechaun and clovers on other nails. So this brings all the elements of St.Patty's Day I suppose :)


Next is HOLI nailart. This is just palying with colors and fun. I used SpongeSplatterTechnique to create thumb design and also on pointy as background. On middle finger's nail just random strokes of striping brush representing showers of colors :D and Holi message on ring finger nail. I also did freehand palm prints on pointy which I think looked so cute ^_^. So enjoy the pictures and let me know your views :)

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