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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Once Upon a Time There was a Snowman- Last Winter Nail art 2014

Hello Lovely Ladies,
 I am today presenting last nail art for winter theme. I tried to make a story here. I will tell you the story but first let me show you my nail art.

So the story or theme I visualized here was >>>
Once upon a time there was a snow man. Who was smiling in snow laden land. No flowers, no chirping of birds. But he enjoyed falling snow all the time. As season changed and the sun started shinning again, flowers bloomed and butterfly danced. Poor Snowman he melted away ! Saying GOOD BYE -- :D

Guys, it's time to say good bye to winters. See the beauty of nature , admire butterflies, blossoms and Sun !!

Happy spring !!! Are you in spring mood yet ?

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