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Monday, February 10, 2014

D.I.Y. Teddy Bear Nails- Step By Step Nail Art

In my previous post I shared my nail art for Teddy Day. Here I am going to share how I created teddy bear on my thumb nail. You can see full manicure HERE.

Step by Step Nail art >>>

1- Start with a thin paint and brush and draw a rough outline. I used a picture from google as my base.

2- Once you are happy darken the outline and fill colors.To make mouth, ears and eye area use a lighter shade then body color.

3- Next outline with a very thin black color and a fine brush. Add all the details like nose and eyes etc.

4- Highlight some parts with white color and write LOVE on the heart if you wish to.

5- Lastly don't forget to apply at-least 2 coats of top coat and you are done !!

Note: If you are not sure first practice on a piece of paper. Draw a nail of your size and draw so you get the idea !! Hope it helps.

Thin outline first

Darken it

further correction

start adding colors- looks like monkey here lol but will fix it!

Start making outline and add nose eyes and mouth ! 

some more detailing, couple of hearts and dots and some shading !

Make sure to LIKE and SHARE my post and tag me if you recreate this design. Have fun and check out more valentine nails under the hashtag #valentineweeknails2014

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