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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Melting chocolate Nails for Chocolate Day - Valentine Week Nails !

Hey Everyone,
Today is Day3 of Valentine Week - Chocolate Day !! Yummy Right ? So I did these yummy chocolate nails. Idea was to give melting chocolate effect.

Now let me tell you how I achieved this effect.
To get contrast on brown nails start with a chocolate brown polish. I used Yummy Choco by CP Trendies it's scented too *_* But stains a lot :( Anyways back to the design. After it dried I applied matte top coat this is important if you want to get contrasting texture. Now take a few drops of polish on a pallet and wait for a minute so it becomes thick and gloopy. Now take a toothpick and pick the thicken polish and start making chocolate drips or hearts on nails.  the shine of normal polish gives melting chocolate effect. Don't apply top coat. Wait Wait and Wait till it dries ........I know that the hard part but the effect is worth it :)

Did you like this idea of making chocolate nails?

Come back again tomorrow to check out nails for Teddy Bear Day ! If you are planning to do one then add your link below and share your design using #valentineweeknails2014 .

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