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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Welcome Spring Early !! Free hand Roses Nail Art

Hi Everyone, Today I am posting a new design this might look like stamped but is totally free hand and I really like the complete look.  The design reminds me of spring time actually.

If you want to know more about this design and see more pics. stay tuned :)

I started with a purple called mystic mauve by Gosh Polish and I took some pics of my swatches which I will post separately. Then I did a glitter gradient using a sponge and a purplish liquid sand nail polish from Max Factor (I bought from Qatar). Then I just painted everything using white acrylic colors with a very thin brush bought from a craft store which I cut myself.

I didn't plan the design but kept adding whatever came to my mind. I initially was not very happy but eventually I liked it and I am wearing it for past 3 days :D

I hope you also liked it. I would be happy if you leave your feedback below cause I really love to read them :)


  1. Those roses look so perfect! Lovely nail design and the colours you chose is really pretty :)

  2. OMG, this is beautiful, I'd love to get this done on my nails!!!

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  4. This looks truely amazing and love the colors!! :)


  5. Love love love..more love...awesome dear

  6. love the fact that it is free hand and very detailed <3

  7. such a pretty nail art. very neat n beautiful!


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