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Monday, January 13, 2014

Valentine Week - Nail Art Challenge

Hi all,

I am going to host a nail-art challenge for next month. It will start from Feb-7 and will end on Feb-14 i.e. Valentine's Day. You have to do nail-art inspired from different days of Valentine Week. I hope it will be a fun Challenge. If you are a part of this challenge then repost or share this image or post on your social platforms too so everyone knows and join. The More The Merrier :D

Remember to share your nailart on your social sites like facebook, instagram or twitter etc using hashtag #valentineweeknails2014 so we can track everyones posts.
If you want to add inlinkz to your blog , click HERE for script or contact me on facebook.


  1. Yup would love to participate !! hey are you not participating this week ! I thought u were gonna take part in the challeneg :)

  2. am surely taking part... wud try something #bsp

  3. Trying to grow my nails.... I miss doing nail art so much.!!

  4. wow ..awesome


  5. love the themes but you know Anita a daily nail art challenge is out of syllabus for me, good luck to all who participate!

  6. Good luck to the participants!

  7. I wish i could give a try..but i am very bad when it comes to nail art..all the best

  8. woah this sounds superb. I wouldve taken part had i been decent at nail art :(


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