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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Freehand Spring Landscape Nails

Hi everyone,

Today I am sharing a very special post. This is a spring scene inspired by Riddhi Nair aka @Ridhhisn on instagram. I have been following her on instagram for sometime and admire whatever she does. She is a great inspiration for me. I dared to attempt this design as a part of nail art competition where we need to recreate the nailart of our favourite artist. I will be sharing her nailart as well at the end.

According to Riddhi , she used 45 shades of nail polish to recreate this scenery. Yes!! she used nail polish only !!! Since I am not that talented I just used my paints - Acrylics, water color, poster colors whatever I could find lying around :) It took me 5 hours to paint this from start to end !! :D

 Now have a look at both of our manicures.

 I really hope you like this manicure.
Please leave your feedback. Keep coming back for more !!

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