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Friday, January 17, 2014

D.I.Y Nails- Heart Charm and Dry Marbling Tutorial Part 1

Hi Lovelies,

I am sharing here how I did my Heart Charm Nails which I posted few days back. You can check out that manicure HERE  I actually did two types of dry marbling in this one design. One is dry brush marbling which you can see on my index and ring finger. You can find lots of tutorial about dry brush marbling technique on you tube and various blogs. I recommend checking out Robin Moses Channel for it. Another is Touch and Go Marbling which I myself discovered. You can see it on my Middle finger's Nail. I didn't want this post to be very lengthy so I divided it into two parts. In part 2, I have described Touch and Go marbling, which I have linked at the end of this post. Now without further confusing you I shall start tutorial :D

Steps to Create dry brush marbling.
 1- Choice of nail polish is very important for dry brush marbling. You need to have one polish with thin consistency and others with normal (but not gloopy or thick) consistency so they can flow easily when dragged.

2- Now apply a thicker than normal coat of your thinnest polish , this helps to make a base for marbling. Now quickly add some random spots of other colors. Don't use too many or it will look puddled.

3- Now take a soft thin dry brush and join all the dots you created in a swirling motion. Don't over do as it will ruin the effect.

4- You can drag the excess from sides of your nail . But I prefer to wait till it dries as dragging changes the shape of swirls created.

5- Apply a fast drying topcoat and add stones if you want to a fancy look :)

P.S. Don't forget to clan up using a cotton bud or flat brush dipped in acetone :p

Steps to create Charmed Heart Nails:

1- You need to create the base first using Touch and Go Dry Marbling Technique. I linked this at the end. 

2- Once you finish doing base take a thin brush and a white paint or nail polish to create a big heart in center and small hearts on the sides. For more detailing add small circles on top of big heart representing chain.

3- Next water down white paint and fill the gap between the hearts carefully so it doesn't touch inside the hearts. This gives opacity to background but hearts will stand out.

4- Add some glitters. I used loose glitters. But if you have some nice glitter polish which is not chunky enough to cover your art you can use it very lightly.

5- Apply top coat and charm everyone :)

I hope you like my tutorial .
 Please share with me if you recreate on my facebook Page or Instagram and Tag me too :)

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