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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Nail Mail - My Prize Arrived

Hello Friends
A quick post. I received a huge nail mail from Karen aka kwalls102 @instagram. I won her nail art competition last month which had theme "Inspired by an artist" I recreated Riddhi Nair's Nailart aka Riddhisn@instagram. You can see my art HERE

I am so proud of that artwork and I think it's my best attempt so far. Anyways here are the prizes

Monday, January 13, 2014

I Won a Nail art Competition - Time to Brag !

Hi, I am super excited to win my first nail art competition in very first month of this new year I am really excited and happy and hoping that this new year will unfold some more goodness for me. This nail art competition was held by @Rajani of now she has moved to a new blog called  and was judged by a talented and popular nail art blogger Jemma from . I am happy as winning this has really helped me to be more confident and positive. The design which helped me win this competition is

My prize also arrived and here is what I won :)

I am enjoying all the stuffs, Thanks to Rajani :)