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Monday, July 7, 2014

Vacation Nails- six cute designs

Hello Lovelies,
I am on vacation now a days. In Qatar, where I currently live we have summer vacation during July-Aug so I am in India (New Delhi) right now and enjoying with my friends, relatives and family :D. But don't worry as I have already scheduled some posts for vacation period... Before moving to vacation I did a lot of nails on others and one one mine :D. I had already posted them on my instagram and facebook and you might have seen them already if you are following me on my social platform. Here is a small gallery of my recent work !

Sunday, June 22, 2014

FIFA-2014 Nails - Mine and my friend's Nails

Hello Everyone,
Football fever is catching up. I see all products from dresses to toys to footwear to accessories etc representing FIFA :) So why not on nails. Last week my friend came up to me and asked me to do FIFA nails on her and I also had done one on mine :) So here are two FIFA nails and also one set of cutest nails I did on her sweet six years daughter. Let's have a look.